corraboo. (corrakun) wrote,

are we close?

title: are we close?
author: corrakun
pairing: jade/ anise /bricked
rating: g
summary: 500-word future-drabble in which anise is somewhat insecure-- so basically, short & sweet. and hopefully not creepy.

"Hey, Jade?" Anise opened her eyes and blinked up at the man whose lap she was resting her head on.

"Hmm?" He stayed motionless, with his face tilted up at the cloudy blue sky and his eyes closed, soaking up the pleasantly warm sun.

Hesitating, Anise watched him for a few more heartbeats.

Jade slowly opened his eyes and looked down at her.

Unnerved by the way the sun glinted off his glasses and turned his eyes blood red, she sat up and shivered. "Never mind," she mumbled.

As if he knew why she'd drawn away from him, he took his glasses off and carefully folded them before laying them off to the side. Turning his gaze back towards her once more, he simply waited.

Anise scooted closer and leaned her back against his side. Shifting ever so slightly, Jade wrapped his arm around her torso and leaned his head against hers.

Unnerved again, but this time because he'd been the one to initiate closer contact, Anise reached up and clasped his arm with both her hands.

"Are we close?"

She didn't need to be looking at him to feel that coy smile appear on his face. "Well, right now it'd be quite difficult to say we were far away from each other."

Anise sat up again and shrugged his arm off before turning around. Sticking her face right up into his, she said, "You know what I mean."

"Now, now," he said, tapping her nose lightly. "Don't pout. I thought you'd outgrown that petulant expression."

She recoiled. After a moment, her shoulders slumped and she curled into herself, hugging her knees. "I see."

Jade's eyebrow twitched. "What exactly do you see?"

"Nothing," came the muffled reply.

Sighing, Jade leaned over and hugged Anise's hunched frame into the crook of his side. He slowly ran his hand from her shoulder down to her elbow, then back up again. For the first time, if the slightly troubled expression on his face was to be an indicator, he seemed at a loss for what to say.

"You're always so mean."

Jade turned his head ever so slightly towards her. Torn between waiting for her to continue and wondering if she was bothered over what he thought she was bothered over, he resumed the gentle stroking. A few seconds of indecision stretched into several minutes of uneasiness, before he finally spoke.

"I stopped trying to be mean to you quite a while ago, you know. Probably about the time you first started looking at me without that particular sparkle in your eyes."

Turning to face her fully, he cradled her chin with his fingers and slowly tilted her face up to meet his. Staring back into his eyes, she didn't blink or so much as make a sound. Leaning his forehead against hers, he smiled and closed his eyes. Examining the lines of his face as best she could from the close proximity, her eyes finally fluttered shut and she shared his smile.

notes: part of a fic exchange with vincibility (who writes too damn fast!!!). concrit is very much welcome! :)
Tags: tales of the abyss
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