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so i am pretty much in love again and will go to sleep hugging my sister to me as i continue squealing about the concert with my half-gone voice. i don't think my throat will be back to normal until a day or so has passed, but i don't care because that just reminds me of how i took very many opportunities to scream out SUNYE I LOVE YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU

so despite how much drama and stress i went through prior to the concert, the actual concert gets no complaints from me! well, almost none. but none that pertain to wg. just my own stupidity ㅠㅠ

i didn't take very many pictures-- was too busy screaming my lungs out at the most ill-advised moments-- but i did take some pretty good videos considering how far back i was. but i know y'all are tl;dw people (probably tl;dr people too, but whatever) so i'll just post one or two pictures and the rest of this post is just me being a silly fangirl who needs to a) manage her time better b) manage the people around her better and c) manage her money better. yep.

alright, so i'll start riiiight from the beginning.

pre-concert-- ticket angst-- long, angsty, immature teenaged female ranting, this section is kind of tedious

so i've been angsting about the tickets for a loooong time now, probably to the point where you guys just don't care anymore (or never cared because it's really all quite trivial looool). anyway, this is what happened: wg added toronto and sauga to their concert, i spazzed out the day i found out and started mass texting and mass emailing to get people to go with me (all of whom were dickwads and didn't really want to go/ couldn't afford it/ hate my guts etc), so finally settled on taking my best friend and my sister because she and my best friend get along pretty well, humongous age gap considered.

but my friend didn't know if she could afford it, so i held off pressuring her for as long as i could, all the while trying not to remind her that she paid upwards of $250 for a lady gaga concert ticket just less than a week earlier. finally we got tickets that kind of sucked (row q is WAY at the back. what happened to stuwxyz??) and paid and i didn't care because at least i got to go.

then about two weeks ago this happened:

oh i don't think i go.
i just can't go.
look, i just can't go, alright?
okay. whatever. it's not like now i'll be stuck with just my little sister for company.
don't you think i would have a good reason for bailing on you? it's not because i want you to be miserable, okay.
at the least you could tell me why you're not going

etc etc bitchiness abounds between best friends who've been best friends for three? years now without ever getting into a fight before because we used to be so in tune with each other that we'd understand each other right down to the bone. finally she tells me that her mom doesn't want her to go because a) it's far b) mississauga is filled with criminals and hobos c) we'll be coming home "late" d) it's the day after the lady gaga concert e) i come off bad to parents

okay, the last one was more of a speculation. regardless, i sucked it up and went about trying to figure out what to do now, because i couldn't meet up with wgspec/ lj people if it was just me and my little sister. i didn't have any luck whatsoever until like two/three days ago when we were finally like

okay mom, you come with us. and this way you can give us a ride??? :'D
what about your friend?
oh. her mom might let her come if you come. but then you'd just be driving us for nothing.
that's okay, i want you two to stay friends. i'll drive you guys, just plan it better next time okay?

(i love my mom)

so then yesterday my friend's mom was like, fine. go. and my friend and i started texting each other like,

my mom says i can go.
!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! okay we're leaving markham at 5. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and then half a day later

i just had a huge fight with my mom and etc etc teenage life stuff here

so i was all

aww :( and etc etc counselling best friend stuff here, in which i unwisely include the words "even if you can't come my mom says she'll still go" because i was being stupid and i sent her 15 broken up texts in one shot so i was losing my train of thought all the time because she was at work and i couldn't just call her

so then this afternoon she calls me and says,

my mom says i can't go after all.

cue angry almost-fight, the first one we've had EVER, then finally me going, whatever. so she dropped off her ticket at my house and that's how i ended up being bitter and angry most of the afternoon to early evening because i was going to go to the concert with my little sister and my mom, and if i had known that earlier i would have planned the day so that i could meet up with wgspec/ lj which i'd put the kibosh on because my sister and friend hate meeting stranger dangers.

pre-concert-- end angst, cue excitement, i needed to pee

my mom came home around 5:30 and i was freaking out because i don't really remember how long it is to mississauga since transportation of every kind usually lulls me to sleep, but it was rush hour and i was paranoid and i thought we were going to be late. also everytime i drive there with my friends (er, everytime my friends drive and i snooze) we get lost and i wake up three hours later and we're headed east on the 401. so yep.

my sister and i rushed her into the car with some burgers we'd bought earlier on and nearly forgot our tickets, then settled in for the pretty long drive. it wasn't really that long (i guess being awake + having my mom drive is a good combo) but i was so excited that i guzzled the burger, two and a half bottles of water, and then spent about half an hour bouncing up and down on my car seat in sheer excitement and needing to pee.

when we finally pulled into the living arts centre i couldn't decide if i wanted to get in there to see wg or to pee. i figured i could pee and then be excited for wg in peace but I COULDN'T FIND THE GODDAMN WASHROOMS FOR SO LONG. YES I AM BLIND. YES I DID POKE MY EYEBALLS MANY TIMES GETTING MY CONTACTS IN THIS MORNING. I AM STILL BLIND OBVIOUSLY.

this was further reinforced by the fact that i didn't see orangeinsanity and her friend despite them being tall, caucasian, and probably within 20 metres of me at all times. but then they spotted me and we had an awkward little talk in which i was more concerned with finding my prone-to-getting-lost younger sister (YOUNGER, FOUR YEARS, SHE HAS BARELY ENTERED HER TEEN YEARS, AND IS THE SAME HEIGHT AS ME. BUT YOUNGER. SHE IS YOUNGER. SHE IS YOUNGER THAN ME!! WE ARE RELATED, NOT FRIENDS!!!) which i felt really bad about afterwards because we had such a chill time hanging out in ktown the other day and then it was all awk and weird at the concert. um yeah. that is my take on our "meetup."

looked around for a few other people, called chungmah and she didn't come find me >:(!, texted notesandpaper and she didn't come find me either, but there's more on that later.

pre-concert-- getting in, waiting, more waiting, lots of waiting

we got in pretty fast, got disappointed at how far back we were but we were really just super excited anyway, sat there and waited.

and waited.

and waited some more.

texted notesandpaper and orangeinsanity while i was waiting because heaven forbid my sister and mother should want to hold a conversation with me while we were waiting at a concert! >:(! and then i idly asked notesandpaper where she was sitting and when she said r22 i did a double take because, um, i was sitting in q22. UM


and then after a while i started looking around. spotted jon way up at the front, wasn't sure it was him because i am blind and we met once a year ago, so i texted him and waved a few times like an awkward fool, he still didn't see me, waved some more, he STILL didn't see me (but some other girl off to the right up at the front saw me waving and waved back so i did a double take because i wasn't sure i recognized her lmao in the end i decided i didn't know her), so i texted him some more and waved some more, and then he finally spotted me. then i asked him where helen was, and he started pointing vigorously and i didn't get it until helen and alice stood up and turned around to look for me looool.

after a few seconds i was prompted by my mother (agh!!!) to go down and talk to them, which i did. awkwardly. but it was fun, not at all as awkward as i had anticipated (they are so friendly. not at all like me homg) and apparently i missed chungmah's telepathy because she was apparently really close to where i was when i was talking to helen and alice and jon. hmm. creeper.

oh my god this is long

okay i think that's almost everything there. then kate todd came out and started performing like all the songs she ever wrote ever ever ever. ever. i mean ok, i loved her on rfr. she was one of the main reasons i even watched rfr (and loved it). and she is talented and gorgeous. just totally not the right type of mood-opener person. then again, she's got guts to tackle a crowd that was wishing really hard for 2am/ 2pm/ jyp lol. i felt really bad for her because after the first song people stopped cheering and they'd mutter or laugh when she announced she was doing another song because we were all thinking, when is this over so i cheered pretty hard despite thinking the same thing.

anyway, she did her glorious thing which i would've appreciated the hell out of if we were at another venue on another day in another set of circumstances because i do like her and her music. but i'm sorry, nothing can hold me away from being excited over wg. then she wrapped up, awkwardly left the stage after some cord mixups, there was an intermission where i waited some more, and then wg hit the stage hard. i swear, i felt like my vocal cords popped during the intro alone.

concert-- i make an ass of myself, don't care, go deaf, am blinded/ deafened/ mutened by love

they started off with i wanna and goodbye(? i think) in korean, seamlessly going from one to another, with amazing light effects, ridiculous choreo, strong vocals from EVERYONE, and ok outfits. i mean they looked great in them. but they weren't, like, FABULOUS.

other comments about their appearance etc:

yoobin is gorgeous. but we all knew that already. i am so attracted to her lmao

lim is a cutie patootie and has been shafted by the stylist. on the other hand, her legs looked great in the leggings they made her wear. now please lose the doodoo bun.

yeeun is fabulous and knows how to werk it while wearing ridiculously short dresses. she should probably spruce up her hairstyle, but then again, it makes her look real classy. so maybe not. also my mom describes her as: ...yenny? the friendly womanly one? with the thighs and the voice? and that's all new fans ever need to know.

sunye is a goddess who descended from heaven in order to make our lives more beautiful. all we need to do is gaze upon her brilliantly styled hair, give thanks for her perfectly proportionate if somewhat frail and skinny body, and maybe worry about how bony her knees appear despite trying to hide it in fishnet during the beginning. due to her compassion for us mere mortals, she has shouldered incredible burdens which are plainly visible in her outer appearance, but if anything good can be said about this, it's that-- those shoes look fantastic on her (and would maybe be clunky on anyone else)

finally, sohee should always wear short jackets that emphasize how ridiculously good at chest popping she is. also her legs are to die for. i think she's my ideal body mentor.

then i think they did a small little paragraph linking to their next song, which was a cover of pussycat dolls' dontcha. i, um, uh. i... was very uncomfortable watching with my mother one seat over. i mean, if she wasn't there, i would've been wolf whistling and-- okay, maybe not. but at least i'd've stopped worrying about the little children who came with their parents. needless to say, i couldn't keep my eyes off sunye (she was the center most of the time anyway lol)

a dance break led into so hot, and it was incredible. the loudest screams so far from the audience (good taste, audience!) they mixed korean and english while performing-- interesting to note here while i still remember is that i didn't notice when the other girls switched to the english verses, but i always noticed when sohee was singing in english. i don't know what that means since i'm sure they all did english at the same parts lol

then they did a beautiful if kind of awkward introduction thanking us for coming here. they also repeated this same intro and the same sentences at least 3 times later throughout the concert. as if that wasn't adorable enough, they kept saying mississauga over and over again. i bet they were so proud that they could say it!!!! eheheheh

then they did the nobody rainstone remix, preluded by a video of someone playing an extended version of the guitar riffs at the beginning. it was a flawless vocal performance (sounded EXACTLY like their recordings, except for little signs that you could tell they were actually singing like breaths and slight inconsistencies with held notes), but the stage crew made one of their most annoying mistakes here-- the smoke/ fog/ dry ice stuff overpowered them to the point where you could barely see them at all. it was SO overpowering, especially when the lights were dimmed because uh their outfits are black, the chairs are black, and there's fog everywhere. but that was ok because it let me focus on sunye's gorgeous, gorgeous voice.

then they did an acapella intro to this time (WHICH I ADORED. I NEED THAT ON MP3 SO I CAN REPLAY IT FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE OH GOD SUNYE'S VOICE IN HARMONIZATION AND YEEUN'S VOICE AND YOOBIN'S VOICE BOTTOMING IT OUT OMG) before an especially beautiful konglish mashup of this time. this song needs to be performed more often-- it was almost perfect. i just. i'm watching the video right now and i keep getting distracted by how even sohee sounds so. good. in. here. once or twice sunye lost the notes, but otherwise i just. i. just. agh. i loved this song when they came out with the mv for it, then forgot about it, and now i... brb. rewatching video.

then they changed outfits and did their solos. i think. maybe it was a bit later. hmm. lim came out and talked with us a bit, asking what we thought of the members:

sunye-- "cute"-- also a great leader, responsible caring genuine trustworthy gorgeous beautiful heavenly voice (okay, maybe she only said the first part. but the rest apply!)
yeeun-- i forget what they said-- also friendly and a go-getter and something else
yoobin-- "HOT!!!!!!!!!" lol-- also something else that i forget
sohee-- i forget-- also adorable? or something like that

and then BAM! the lights and the music and her dancing started perfectly in sync and i was so shocked and happy and for a lil mama cover, it was ridiculously good. also she was very pretty. and i gritted my teeth through mah lipgloss is coo~ mah lipgloss is poppin~ because i adore lim even if she has weird taste.

then i think yoobin came out with boom boom pow, which was frankly my least favourite solo because she didn't do much besides dance. but at least she danced well? idk. the lights were blinding me too much for me to be able to tell-- the audience was probably just as illuminated as she was.

then i think it was yeeun. i really don't remember the order oh god. she came out in a ridiculously short skirt and i was shocked and uncomfortable with my mom there but then remembered that she had been hearing me scream I LOVE YOU SUNYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! like a crazed beast the whole night so then i just enjoyed yeeun's solo. i know they call yoobin the diva because she's fierce, but yeeun has got such natural stage charisma. and she knows just what to do at the perfect moments.

and then i think it was sohee, in the most uncomfortable performance of the night. by uncomfortable i hope y'all realize that i mean sexy. thus the uncomfortableness. yeah? kay, so her dancing was almost always on point and i have only two other comments to make: one, stop making her sound like a chipmunk, stage crew, because i know her voice is not that shrill. two, when will we be seeing a new solo from sohee? :'D?

and last but most definitely the opposite of least (hoho), sunye's paparazzi performance. started off a little breathy, but definitely picked up. i LOVED the outfit-- you know, that gorgeous white dress with the swishy red skirt on top. at one point my sister swears she saw sunye's underwear when she kicked up and sank down so the skirt swished up-- verification please! i do not recall this! and i hope it didn't happen!!! >:(!

then they all came out and joined sunye in similar outfits to do survivor by destiny's child, and then the tapdancing routine that was much more impressive live than it was when i first saw fancams of it at their thai concert. haha those swishy skirts are gorgeous, but i buy the possibility of them exposing ~special parts~ if not carefully controlled. >:(!

we waited for a bit, they reduced their outfits to the gorgeous white dresses (lim's was lame though. poor girl. but it made her thighs look pretty good, so... maybe just fix the sleeves next time? yoobin's outfit & hair were so goshdarned cute. i wanted to reach over and just pick her up and put her in my pocket. sunye's hair was also perfect (more perfect than before hoho) with a dress that almost had me drooling (ew, that sounds weird. but she was so gorgeous and perfect and aslkdfjsldkfj); sohee and yeeun looked how i always imagined snow white would really look. they talked in korean for a bit, the korean families + fantards like me who understood most of what they were saying went NEH!!!!!!!! ahahah

and then... they performed... saying i love you. yeeun played the piano and it was beautiful and that stupid fog came back and covered lim up and spread to the audience and they had to stand up beecause they couldn't see anything ahahah. lim's voice is so-- so-- this is the first time i've legit thought a voice was angelic. not in the gorgeous, heaven-sent, pure passion way i always describe sunye's voice as, but cute and innocent and pure and smooth. also a little timid. it helped that she came forward shyly and put one hand behind her back while she sang like a cute little eagerly subdued child. yeeun's parts always came out a little weird because she had to stretch for the mic, and sunye came over and fixed it for her (2YE!!!! HEHEHE) and yoobin really loved the fans and always came over and sang to them. sohee also moved forward, but a little bit more to the side so the fans weren't screaming until she leaned towards them and sang, 널 사랑해~ super cute and quiet but genuine hehe.

oh my god this is really, really long

then they brought out stools for them to sit on, and they had another awkward linking speech but it was so funny okay i don't remember verbatim but it was like, we love you! and we hope that you'll always love us! even when we become wonder women, and then wonder grandmas, we hope you'll still love us, because we'll always stick wit u~

it was beautiful. pardon my sunye bias but ofc i thought she was the best. everything from her pose to her voice to how she was bobbing her head hehe. of course yeeun was a hbic singing a sweet song, and lim and sohee needed to be a bit louder, and yoobin was gorgeous. just. gorgeous.

okay i don't really remember what happened after this and this is super long already so i'll just rattle off when i do remember:

talked a lot, asked where they should visit since they'll be in the area for the next few days (i told them to come to markham, but i don't think they heard me since i was at the back. someone said wonderland, and sunye giggled, but really. wonderland has been pushed to the top of my to-do list for the next four days. must utilize season's pass. must meet wg and become bosom buddies!!!!)

told us to stand up so we could all sing/ dance tell me (but really. who's going to dance. so we all sang tell me tell me t-t-t-tell me and did the omona part ahah) and i think it was here that yenny first went down to the audience to touch people. their hands. GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

at some point earlier on but i don't recall when, they were talking and a phone started ringing and they were mock-yelling at us and it turned out to be yenny's and sohee playfully pushed her (hehe) and it was... JYP!!!!! they showed us the 2dt mv (at the beginning i was like. i could be at home watching this grr. but then i decided it was okay because i didn't want wg to get too tired without their little breaks) and came back and did the 2dt dance in their blue/ speckled grey outfits (you know, the one that actually looks good on them. when yoobin has a belt. um. yeah.)

then they thanked us, left, made us scream forEVER for an encore, came back and did nobody!!! then that was it for real-- they touched the hands of fans up at the front, came down and walked around for a bit, but sohee had left immediately and gone backstage lmao. i'm 90% positive she wasn't being a grouch and was just out of sync with everyone else as per usual, so i felt bad for her because it wasn't like she could walk back out and pretend nothing happened ahah she's so cute.

umm what else. mark pd came out a few times to film us, we screamed a lot

annoying ushers came around and insisted we put away our cameras (pfft, okay, the second you turn around you know i'm going to turn it on again)

notesandpaper nearly deafened me at the beginning with her screams for yeeun, then i could tell her throat was giving out because they weren't so loud (or maybe i did get a little deaf) and then it was just super funny everytime she did scream. it also made me feel less guilty for screaming for sunye hoho

post-concert-- talk with people, come home, sit here writing this needing to pee

i drank too much water today and my camera hates me

um so yeah. talked with jon, met breezy!!!! (i have no idea how you recognized me. like you stared at me for two seconds and recognized me. wat), talked a little more with orangeinsanity but not enough :(, talked with helen and alice, mark pd came around filming, umm lost chungmah and notesandpaper, um yup. swear i saw some people i vaguely recognized, but... probably not. sauga is kind of far, y'all.

i really need to pee now
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